Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's All Final!

Maleah's court & paperwork is all final! ... and just in the nick of time!, as we leave ND in just over 4 days. What's so crazy about that is we just found out a week ago we're leaving so SOON!

Today was a special day, as we stepped away for a few hours from the insanity of packing and gathered with some friends to celebrate and say goodbye. And what a fitting end to our time here in ND as we embark on our new journey, working more with adoption and orphan care ministry with the ABBA Fund!

This blog has been dedicated to sharing our adoption journey of Maleah and so with this court finalization also comes the close of this blog. Yet, the story has a life-time of chapters ahead.

If you'd like to follow along on our journey of life and ministry .... you'll need to go HERE in the future. While change isn't easy .... we are excited about the new chapter being written. The Lord has just done an incredible work in providing a new home base for us in IL. We are still trying to comprehend just what all He has done!!! Be sure to visit us at our Serving Him Together blog. There we'll share family updates for far-away-friends, as well as lots of resources about adoption and orphan care. You might even get to see some home renovations! We have our work cut out for us in IL and we are ready!

As we close this blog we just want to say once again that the LORD is the only one that could have made our adoptions possible! He worked through so many people to bring them to completion. In all practical terms, we would probably rank up there with the "least able" to do this. Perhaps you are a family that feels the tug on your hearts for the needs of orphans, but you are just overwhelmed with the obstacles or are fearful of the unknown .... or sense the heavy financial weight that sometimes seems so insurmountable. God can be TRUSTED in your situation. Don't be mistaken .... it's not an easy journey .... it's one that could require great sacrifice and grueling hard work. But today was such a reminder to us that it's all worth it!!!

We'll be sharing much more at our new on-line home ... so please visit us there. Our family is so eager and excited to embrace the next chapter. Fun days ahead as we prepare to celebrate Maleah's birthday in IL! If today was any indication (note Mommy holding down her hands from that icing!) ... she is READY for her birthday cake! :)

May the Lord be glorified as we journey on with him, one step at a time. The End.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Lord has brought about something wonderful! Read about it over HERE!