Friday, August 17, 2007

A Few More Pics

Well, now that our laundry is clean from the trip and we're settled in a little ... thought you might enjoy a few more pics. Naomi absolutely LOVED her time at the Reimers in Georgia. She was NOT happy about coming home to an empty bedroom. She kept saying, "I want to sleep at the kids house!" (she was in Momma and Daddy's room there.) Big sis Emily Grace (who is in the previous post in the family pic) is such a blessing to be around. She is such a great helper and serves with joy. Naomi could not get enough of "dress up" with her. Shown in this picture is the "baby" of the family, Annabeth - 18 mo., same size as Naomi (well, if we smooshed down Naomi's hair, and she has heels on in the pic). She was CERTAIN she could handle wearing the dress up shoes too and we just hoped we wouldn't end up with a sprained ankle! She thought she was somethin' prancing around the house in this sparkly outfit.
The boys enjoyed walking out on rocks and they were great to stop all the fun awhile so Mom could get some pics. Looking back, man I felt rotten those days ... but am really grateful for some wonderful pictures. I am feeling much better now, by the way (definitely not 100% pain free - but very liveable) and hope to put an end to all this pesky gall bladder problems with my upcoming surgery.
We spoke with Kate today, who is working on the dossier process with us. The plan is to go have the current things that arrived notarized, along with all the rest we have to re-do the notaries for on Monday. We are just waiting for the CIS clearance letter .. pray that comes SOON and an insurance letter. Then we will be nearing the end of the dossier process!! This will be a huge milestone.