Monday, September 24, 2007

Quiet, but still here . . .

So ... yes, we realize we've been quiet for a couple of weeks. Sorry 'bout that. We so appreciate all of you who have somehow found your way into our lives and are on this journey with us in some capacity or other.

Ended up back at the doctor for more testing this last week. Everything turned out okay. I do not desire to go there again anytime soon!

Recently I've been reading a most wonderful book on adoption by Kristin Swick Wong titled "Carried Safely Home", by FaithWalk Publishing. I would encourage ALL adoptive families and their extended family/friends to soak up this book. It is a story of one family's adoption journey (two actually!!) to Vietnam. The author just opens up her heart and allows you to glean so many amazing lessons God taught her. It has been a timely book for me. I want to share a couple of entries from the author with you ... they are lessons applicable for anyone, not just adoptive families.

"Jesus also promises that those who follow him will have troubles and persecution, so good must not always mean deliverance from difficulty. The New Testament claims that trails are not counterindications of God's goodness but a portion of his good gifts. They allow us closer fellowship with Jesus, because they produce godly character in us and because they are "achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all" (2 Cor 4:17). Paul and James both exhorted their readers to not only accept their sufferings but to rejoice in them because of the good that God would bring from them (Rom 5:3-5, 2 Cor 12:10, Js 5:2-4)."

"God is working everything together in our lives for our good. He desires to abundantly bless us - on His terms. Only he knows what good means for us."

WOW ... did you catch those last two sentences???

She goes on to say .... "Sometimes he gives us what we feel is good; sometimes he gives what we instinctively recoil from and withholds what we desperately want. In both cases, he is creating more good in us and for us than we can imagine, though his blessings do not always coincide with what makes us happy. God's good does not always feel good."

As I've spent time reflecting on the health trials God allowed into my life these last months and some other incredibly difficult things ... none of it changes the fact that God is GOOD ... and He wants good for my life. HIS good, likely will look far different from how I'd picture it. Even through crisis, pain and heartbreak .... He brings good ... and often times that's how He brings it. I'm so grateful that my heavenly father isn't willing to leave me the way I am, but rather He wants to refine me into the person HE designed me to be.

While our paperwork was being authenticated, they encountered a problem with one document. That has been re-ordered and as soon as it arrives we are told our dossier will be complete. Please pray that goes through smoothly.

We have appt's on Friday to get our immunizations done finally!! .... we'd put that off while I had my surgery.

May you be encouraged today, no matter circumstances you find yourself in and know that God is good .... and His good is better than any earthly thing.