Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paper, Glue & Glitter .. Oh My!

The title pretty much sums it up ... kiddos and I have been working every spare moment on stuff for our booth at the upcoming craft fair in our local town. We have no idea what to expect as far as what size crowd will come through ... and in ND the weather can be pretty unpredictable this time of year!

We are now seven weeks into the waiting process for our referral. It has proved to be very difficult, which we expected. The agency we are working with is awesome, as is our local agency that did our home study. We were very blessed to attend a Multi-Cultural Support Group hosted by our local agency this last Saturday. It was awesome to share experiences with other families. The couple sharing their story recently returned from Ethiopia with their first daughter. She was half of Naomi's size at only 9 mo. old! What a sweetie she was.

Naomi had so much fun playing with her little friend she met at the last event who was born in Vietnam. We all tried to convince her daddy it's time to go for #2!! We'll have to work on him a little harder it looks like.

Several countries were represented including Vietnam, China, Guatemala and Ethiopia. We are thankful for this support network.