Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Abba Fund

The ABBA Fund Blog , written by Jason Kovacs is a resource you will want to check out if you haven't already!  As many of you know, The ABBA Fund has helped play a huge part in both of our adoptions.  If you are contemplating adoption, but are hesitant or somewhat paralyzed by the expenses involved, I urge you to look into this ministry.  They provide no-interest adoption loans, but not only that, they are also a wonderful resource for gathering ideas on how to fund an adoption.  

I truly believe there are MANY out there who have a heart for the fatherless, the orphaned .... but perhaps they are like us, a single-income family or a very modest income family.  If God had opened your eyes to see the needs of orphans, if He has opened your heart to love them, if He has opened your ears to hear their cries . . . do NOT ignore what He has done.  I am not saying it's gonna be easy, in fact you just might be in for the largest time of growth in your life!  

Our minds get polluted here in America about what "need" really is.  Everyone is so busy chasing the "American Dream" that often we forget what really matters for eternity.  Our family's bank account might not be too padded, but I cannot even put into adequate words what it was like to look out on Father's Day as we prepared for prayer time at church and see our two daughters who now have a Daddy.  My heart just aches for the many children we saw in our recent trip to Ethiopia who do not.  

I've said it before and should repeat it again ... not every family is called to "adopt", but we are all called to CARE.  I just want to encourage you, and urge you that if you truly have a heart to open your family and home to a child .... do not let ANYTHING stand in the way.  We have seen God move mountains!  He helped us climb over many of them as well on our recent adoption journey.  

Check out Jason's posts on the ABBA Fund Blog.  It will truly be an encouragement to you.  We are so excited about what God is doing in their ministry.  You can sign up for a monthly newsletter as well that comes via email.


solas4me said...

Thanks for sharing about the ABBA Fund. We have been working with them lately. We also appreciate their blog.

The Darlings

Is Eight Enough? said...

You said once that someone asked if your girls were twins. I thought, How could they? They are two years difference in age.

I just saw this picture of the girls. They look like twins!! LOL! Their faces are so similar! Size difference yes, but they look like blood sisters!

They are beautiful. You are blessed!

Blessings, Justine

Lori S said...

Well would be a shame to let money stand in the way of giving a life and family to a child who does not have one.

emily said...

Such a great organization!! I found Jason's blog awhile ago and enjoy it.

Your girls look precious in this picture!! :)

renee treat said...

Looks like everyone is smiling! What a great photo and what a great post! I love your line about how Americans view the word "need". Thanks for keeping us all grounded! Best wishes....