Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arsema's First Christmas

It took me awhile to come to terms if this is our little girly's 1st or 2nd Christmas. I decided it is kinda really her "1st", at least how we celebrate here as a family. Can I just say once again how BLESSED we are to have her in our lives?! This year has been a very difficult one for us. We've had so many changes and are still faced in the midst of much transition. But no matter what all other challenging things are going on .... we are full of such JOY!!! Not that "oh, life is so smooth sailing, easy kind of joy". No, I mean that deep down incredible joy that can only come from one source. And that is the reason we celebrate this wonderful season.

Today I took a few moments break from "life" and pondering all the details of our lives and just soaked up some good 'ole camera time. I do not want to be so consumed on what is going to happen NEXT, and miss out on what is happening right NOW!

Yes, I'm sad we're not in Illinois this Christmas. Yes, at times we wonder when someone will come wanting a house in the middle of cold ND in the winter! Yes, we're anxious to settle into our new life and ministry.

Maleah is just taking in all the sights, sounds and TASTES of this glorious season. "Loooooook!, Mommy!!", is one of her favorite phrases these days. Next would be .... "Hhhmmm .... COOKIE!! ... YUM!!!". She has sure discovered her sweet tooth! :)

There is SO MUCH to be grateful for this year. On top of our list would have to be our new daughter and her GOOD health!! No longer a sick baby. Plump, busy and full of life! How grateful we are to the Lord for how He sustained this little one's life and brought her all the way from Ethiopia into our family.

We got word that our finalization court date will be yet in 2008! What a great milestone to finish out the year!


The Albertsons said...

Oh my gosh Shelly... she's SO BEAUTIFUL! She's just breathtaking. And of course both girls are :). Thanks for sharing your heart... I know times can be hard, but sharing the source of your JOY is contagious!

coffeemom said...

Oh my goodness. Your girls take my breath away too. Just so beautiful...really christmas angels. I think it's her (and my gabe's) first christmas. Really fun really wonder-full. LOVE these pics!!!! Love m

Anonymous said...

She is SO precious!!!