Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Day!

Today we made a mad rush to Fargo for lots of appointments. We started with Nathaniel's post-op appt. Everything looked good and he is able to do what he wants as he's able ..... in other words, start back to normal life without overdoing it! ... and don't break anything in the process!! He still has a ways to go in recovery .... but he's on the mend and doing well. Hard to believe he's spent half of a year dealing with the accident, two surgeries and recovery. It's not hard to believe for him .... but overall, he's been amazing and such a trooper.

We first though made a stop to the post office and filled out our applications for our passports! Trips like this make things seems more "real". Naomi took everything in that was happening. She's already protesting of getting left at home. This breaks my heart. She kept saying ... "Mommy is leaving me alone!!!". Josiah (the 9 yr. old) lovingly reassured her, "No, mommy is not leaving you alone, she's leaving you with Nathaniel and Josiah!". Try as he might ..... she was not consoled! She talks often about "the baby being in Ethiopia". She understand so much more than we can believe at her young age. She is eager to be a "big sister". Would someone tell her how "big sisters" wear big girl underwear????? I really thought we'd tackle that easily this summer. She's going through a stage of high dis-interest in getting potty trained. Ugh. I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing at this time. I'm one of those "wait til they're ready and do it in one week" kind of moms. I'm not seeing the potential at this moment! :)

We then went to get Nathaniel, Josiah & Naomi's physicals done so Gladney can know they are healthy. We got to talk to our pediatrician about contacting her when we get a referral so she can help us look over the medical reports. She did some studies in the cities with inner-city kids, from what we'd been told, hope that's right ... anyway we were really impressed when we brought Naomi home that she was very thorough about developmental issues. She was SO supportive and excited about the upcoming adoption. She talked of a co-worker who'd been in Africa on a trip a few years back and of the incredible needs there.

My amazing husband dropped me off at the nearby Arby's where a couple of friends were meeting while their daughters had sewing class. What a TREAT! It's amazing what an hour with other moms will do for you. We all got much chattering in ... gotta talk fast when you only have an hour! Anyway ... I was just encouraged by David caring enough to let me have that short break in a very intense season of life right now. The paperwork and fund-raising ... not to mention, motherhood, trying to be a good wife, ministry ... and whatever else I'm forgetting .... it can tucker a girl out. But I just also want to say that this has been such a "rich" time in my life. The Lord has ministered to me in such amazing ways. I honestly do not know what would have become of my life without Him. I'm learning about just how much He loves me .... even when I fail, or fall down, or deal with junk in my life.

David got a bunch of phone calls and emails done for our dossier paperwork yesterday. We are making headway! We want to have all of our part of our dossier paperwork in place by when we leave for TN the end of July.

And ......... for you stampers ..... it's also a good day ... no, GREAT day!, because my new stamping catty arrived!!! I'm so inspired with new ideas now. Yeah!!! It's gonna be a fun catalog year making creative creations with friends! ..... and fun new ideas to help Stamp our Child Home!!!