Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On the Mend!

Just wanted to post a quick update ... Nathaniel's surgery went well. He even got to bring home the flexible rods that have been keeping his leg together inside ... that made him happy. It made me happy that they came home sterilized! :) He is free to walk on his leg as he's able. No running, jumping, climbing or jolting for 4-6 weeks. That won't be so fun ... especially after a week or so and he's feeling better. At least the end is in sight for him and by the time we travel to TN early Aug. he should be free to do all he wants again!

This pic was taken on his birthday ... he had to have sis in it. They are pretty inseparable. What a great dad he's gonna be! She was not happy when he came home last night and she saw his leg that the doctor had hurt (her words). I said ... "What's wrong with his leg?". "It's BROKEN!", she replied. No ... thankfully it's not broken! ... it has actually gotten fixed ... try explaining all that to a 2 yr. old! :)

Busy week around here. We have our last homestudy meeting tomorrow, which we're looking forward to. We have such a great social worker.

We're still in the midst of home repairs. We moved into this house last year in major "fixer-upper" condition. After having done much to the inside, it's been time to focus on the outside! David, Nathaniel & Colton built a small deck where an outside entrance had been off the room we use as our bedroom. Then they replaced the door and window on that side. Progress is great ... but we're finding it a challenge to get an angle of the house for pictures for our paperwork that look "good" with all the construction! Ha. Crazy.

Thanks for all your prayers for our family during this time. Most days we feel we're running a marathon ... but we are learning much along the way.


Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear that Nathaniel is doing well after his last surgery! I'm sure everyone is relieved to finally have the end in sight with his recovery! It sounds like the family has been so busy with the SaCH project! What a neat idea though! What all are you making? Just cards, or other projects as well? God Bless Roberts family! We miss you, and you are in our prayers!

Shawn, Jessica, and Ethan Hilborn

Miranda said...

Wow, it's good everyone is doing well! It feels like a marathon because it is one, right?! This is such a long, dangerous journey toward heaven and glory, how encouraging to know Christ is our captain to get us safely on the other side! Were running hard alongside you guys. Blessings and Love!