Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Checkin' In ....

Hello there! Nothing really new to report. You can just keep waiting right along with us. :) So what do we do while we wait? Plenty! Now that my (Shelly) health issues seem to be completed we are trying to just play catch up around here. I'm realizing just how LONG I'd been sick for. Crazy! Can you say messy house?, cluttered closets, long over-due to-do lists?!! Everyone is sporting a new haircut today, so we aren't lookin' so shabby around here. Well, that is everyone except the girly ... no scissors have yet to touch her hair! Speaking of hair, that reminds me that I need to be working with middle brother on hair-care since he'll be the primary one in charge of her sweet head while we're away traveling. We have this "deal" in our house. Daddy washes the hair once a week and I do the daily upkeep. Fair enough. :) I'll post sometime soon on what we've found to work well for our hair woes. Since all hair is different, I look forward to seeing our new babe's hair and finding what works best for her as well.

Other than that, we are keeping up with our studies and I've been tackling a few creative projects. One of those you'll see soon. I made a fun tin this last week and couldn't figure out what to DO with it. So, we decided we might as well have a 'lil fun on here while we all wait and have a silent auction! ... just in time for your gift giving needs. :) So stayed tuned for pics very soon!