Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, our day had to take on a Plan B, as the man of the house has the flu. Ishy. Thankfully the worst was yesterday for him though. So instead of going out to friends ... we stayed home and had a little birthday fun in our jammies! As you can see by the photos the dolls and furniture were a HUGE HIT with the birthday girl! Nathaniel had a blast assembling everything. We also made butterfly cookies. The pink cake will wait til later in the week when all tummies are well. Sssshhhh ..... the kids don't know it, but we are anticipating a visit from a set of grandparents this weekend! As we were decorating cookies Nathaniel & I decided this is much more fun than last year sitting in a hospital room with him in horrid pain with a broken leg!

May you have a wonderful 2008!