Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Peek at Progress

Okay, I promised a peek at what we've been working on for our project. I say WE, because me spending time getting these designs done means that some special "others" have to pitch in above and beyond or we'd all go hungry and not have clean underwear! This journey is truly a family endeavor ... and goes far beyond our family. Anyway, these special cards, along with many more will be shipped out in the near future ... destination Illinois! (sorry for the poor lighting, that's what you get when you take photos in the evening in this room!)

And I said yesterday I'd try to find a pic of our homecoming with Naomi. Well, David will have to help me on that one, as I do not have a clue where the old pictures are saved. We'll eventually get them on here. :)


the albertsons said...

Beautiful... you are very talented!
becca :)