Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cleaning Out!

Okay, Becca, this post is for you! Ummm ... you asked for something "fun and inspiring ... to keep me busy". Well you could just come over and see for yourself what's got me busy! I am CLEANING OUT!!! Yes, it's true ... our home has kind of been neglected this past year as we worked hour after hour on our "Stamp a Child Home Project". I'll spare you the details.

I could easily spiral downward during this time of waiting for a court date and dealing with all the unknowns, but I'm trying with all my might to stay productive. While I am praying for a miracle for an expedited court process for our babe, there is really nothing else I can do about the situation. I've been asking God to redeem some of the time lost with her. As I contemplated on what our transition will be like in bringing her home, I decided there is PLENTY I could be doing right NOW, so that I can put all things aside again while we settle in as a family.

SO! ... that's the inspiration behind the dump truck picture. What I would LOVE to have a picture of is my dear husband eyes when he came home for lunch and saw the mountainous piles headed to the "give-away-place". That was a great photo opportunity that got missed, I'm afraid. I assured him there was NOTHING in my piles that he'd miss and kept right on filling bags.

Since our 3 yr. old is a very easy waker-upper, we decided some creativity is in need for our transition time when we come home. The great big closet David built in our bedroom for storage was the perfect solution to this in-between time when we want to be close by to meet her needs without waking up the 3 yr. old! So off the closet doors came (that needed to be replaced anway) and thanks to my amazing middle son, in went the crib! Just ask the guy and seriously in 15 min. the crib was down from the upstairs in pieces! And in about 15 min. more it was all back together! And I must add that the youngest son was great at keeping sister occupied while we tackled everything. That's what I call team work.


the albertsons said...

good post! that's what I needed. It's hilarious that you talk about cleaning out... because that's EXACTLY what I need to be doing and exactly what I'm avoiding. DARN! Now you've inspired be to be productive. Okay... I'll start... soon :). Meanwhile, a backyard close to ours is on fire for some odd reason, so I'm going to check that out.
Good job Shelly!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

OH, I agree, cleaning is definitely in order around here. As I look around and think about squeezing 2 more kiddos things throughout the house, I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I AM a neat person, not necessarily clean, but neat, and God will definitely have to keep helping me LET THAT GO, I believe.

Hopefully tomorrow you will GET THAT CALL!!!