Saturday, March 29, 2008

Children Around the World

Wow!, we felt so blessed today. The local agency we work with for the ND part of our adoption hosts a Multi-Cultural Group quarterly. It is such a special time to connect with other families with similar dynamics. It was so fun seeing how the kids had changed since our meeting in the fall. The other family that has adopted from Ethiopia has a little girl that is just two days difference in age from our new babe. It was such a neat opportunity to whisper in Naomi's ear .... that is about how big "sister" is gonna be. This little sweetie had just learned to walk and it was so much fun seeing her toddle all around. Other countries represented were Guatemala, China, Vietnam and the USA twice! (woo-hoo!!)

We got to share of our experiences in becoming a multi-cultural family. It's interesting how different our experiences have been with domestic adoption and international adoption ... even though both of our daughters will probably share similar skin tones. It was just so awesome to be in a room full of people where you could talk candidly and know they would understand! To empathize with each other when you face challenges and to rejoice with each other in our diversity.

It's a blessing for our boys as well, to see other families with similar dynamics. They love seeing all the little kids.

Back when our family began, we never dreamed we'd someday be a multi-cultural family. What a special journey this has been. We've been stretched and grown in ways we never would have thought possible. We are just so full of joy as we anticipate meeting the new little member of our family so many miles away. We cannot wait to tell her in person how much we love her and how we've been longing to see her. AND!, we picked out some very appealing toys today to pack in the suitcase to try and entice her while she learns who we are! Mission accomplished!


the albertsons said...

What an amazing opportunity to be with similar families- I'm sure it encouraged your heart!
love ya

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Sounds like a wonderful group.

We also never dreamed we would have a family like this when we were first married. I was pretty sure we were having 2 kids and I was going to continue working full time! Ha!!!! This is FAR better.

Natalie Fournet said...

What a great group and opportunity for your fam!

renee treat said...

I know you don't need me to remind you this, but court is only 6 days away! I'm so anxious for you and I'll definitely be sendig my thoughts your way. I'm hoping for a wonderful post on the 9th with a sweet picture of course!