Thursday, April 3, 2008

At Turtle Speed ... so it seems

So this is how the wait for the court appointment feels. I hope I don't discourage some ... I know there are those who have waited longer for even a court date. I think this whole thing is just catching up with this momma's heart. I watched the pics of our babe turn from baby-baby into baby-toddler wondering what on earth is going on in her life. And I've about had all the waiting I can deal with. This turtle image cracked me up ... it's how I feel ... get up and RUN turtle!! Ha.

Our babe should be finishing her TB treatments now and is getting so much stronger and healthy. We are thrilled. She is not fond of those she doesn't know ... hint, prayer request for when we meet her!!! She is especially attached to two of her caregivers and for that we are so grateful! This will mean a better transition and further attachment for her.

This week we had the most incredible gift as two families sent us pictures!! We even got two short video clips of our sweetie in action and one more is on the way I'm told, from another family. BLESSED!!!! ... wow, we've been blessed this week by those.

What are we doing while we wait? Cleaning and organizing and DOWN-sizing. Nothing makes me happier at the moment than to clear out clutter and have a home more manageable.

We hope next week brings news of a successful court date and that travel plans will be underway. Would very much appreciate your prayers on that.


the albertsons said...

Oh my gosh Shelly! It's soooo soon! I know how slow it feels though. You've got our prayers, as you know. We love you!

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you received some pictures and videos of your little girl! I hope that provides some calm and peace in the next few days of wait. Your family is in my prayers.

Shawn and Jami said...

Thanks for stopping by, we are asking for 12 months and under. We will be praying for your court date to go smoothly:)


Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Go Turtle Go! The term hurry up and wait never rang truer than in the world of adoption! Praying for the next 3 days to go by quickly and for a favorable court day! :-)

coffeemom said...

Praying hard for a pass on your court date this wed!!! I get it on this lull, I hardly know what to do (not that i don't have plenty, but it's a weird time)....this limbo waiting for a court pass, it's hard! I don't like it. Ours is the 17th. So, your family and little one is on top of our prayer list. Hang in there, and hey, it's just a few days now!!!! HIgh hopes!
Michele G