Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Transition, Changes and a New Blog

Dear Friends,

Well, as many of you know by now who have followed our adoption journey, we are in a new adventure. No, we're not adopting again .... but we are beginning a new ministry with some folks that are very dear to us, over at the ABBA Fund. We won't be posting very often at this blog anymore, but invite you to join us over at Serving Him Together.

Right now we're still in the midst of transition, waiting to sell our home and prepare for the new chapter of our lives in Illinois. We are really excited about the future and look forward to seeing how God will work out all the details of our lives and ministry. Our hearts are also heavy for the dear friends we're leaving behind.

We hope that our on-line home of Serving Him Together will provide a place where we can encourage, strengthen and equip families in their journey of adoption. Primarily it will be "adoption focused", but I have a feeling will be a whole mix of things as we live out what God has given us to do.

If you are a family currently in the adoption process, be sure to come visit us and let us know where you're at in the process and how we might be able to pray for you. If you are just friends & family who enjoy seeing "happenings" and pics of our crew, you are certainly welcome as well. Perhaps you have become more aware of the needs of orphans through following our blog and want to know more about how you can be part of that .... we invite you to drop on by our new on-line home.

This time of transition has not been an easy one. It has stretched us beyond anything we thought we could endure. Through it all ... God has been so gracious, loving and faithful to us. Easy??? ... not one bit. But we'd much rather be right where He has placed us, than have an "easy/comfortable" life .... because that's where true joy is found ... in Him.

Thanks for following along on our journey to Maleah. So many of you have literally prayed us through and we are forever grateful. We are constantly amazed at God's goodness and are still at times in disbelief that He would choose to put these little ones in our lives.

With Love,
The Roberts Family


The Albertsons said...

This is so exciting to watch, if even from a distance :). I'm off to see your new blog!
love to you all...

solas4me said...

Well done.


Christine said...

How awesome. It is awesome to see God moving and encouraging his faithful followers to step out of the boat. May God bless you.