Thursday, November 13, 2008

See This!!!

Please check out Tom Davis' entry on his blog about Kebebetsehay! This is where our precious little one spent the first 9 months of her life and we are SO encouraged to see Tom working to help network and find sponsors for this orphanage! Please go check it out!!

It was such a privilege to meet Sophia, the director of Kebebetsehay. She was able to share with us the story of Arsema's first days of life. She was the one who helped Arsema's birthmother through the painful process of making plans for their lives while they were both so ill.

I will never forget the look on her face when she was told we were holding Arsema! "ARSEMA!!!", she said. "You were so thin and white! .... now you are dark and FAT!!! (literally, these were her words and we all burst out laughing)." Arsema was so frightened to leave my arms and after a failed attempt of her sharin' some love with this dear woman, she handed her back to me and shook her finger and told her some heartfelt advice. "I was your 'first mother' .... you were a SMART one! .... don't you ever forget all I did for you!". It was just precious. It brought her such joy to see how Arsema had grown and thrived in Gladney's care. We could see the peace she felt knowing this babe had a family now. Sophia is full of spunk, and we're so grateful for all she is doing for the children of her country.

This woman has needs swarming around here every single day, but she does not forget the children God has entrusted into her care. Five months later she recalled the story of the previous nine months as it was just yesterday. We are forever grateful for our time with Sophia and for all she did for our little one.

Gladney families! ... you too will get the experience of visiting Kebebetsehay when you travel to bring home your child(ren). I'd love to send some photos with one of you for the director, Sophia.

Let's pray that people will rise up to help meet the needs at Kebebetsehay!


coffeemom said...

OH!!! Fantastic pics!! you look fabulous too mom! And well, KEbebetsehay holds a treasured place in our hearts, double reasons......LOVE this. Am off to go check out Tom Davis' blog. I really AM emailing you today, it's just homeschool crazies right now! much love, M

Rebecca said...

What a sweet Sophia! I am so grateful for these women who mother our children when they really need love.

IF we ever make it to Ethiopia, I would be more than happy to take pictures for you! Hopefully we'll be going in December. I think you have my address, so just send me what you want taken over. I would be honored to deliver pictures of sweet Aresma!

Of course, you can wait until after a successful court date for us - in case there is someone else who can take them sooner. December 1st!!

Natalie Fournet said...

Reading the above comment...we are homeschool crazy right now too! Love the insight to this part of your journey...and I love Davis' blog!

The Roberts Family said...

Oh Rebecca ... you WILL get to Ethiopia!!! I cannot imagine how broken your heart is through this long-extended-and-then-some-wait! We will not stop praying for you until you are there and back again!!! :) Much Love!, Shelly

The Albertsons said...

Shelly... Oh my goodness how I love this post... you know that's where Sam was too and I just cry every time I see that woman!!! What a blessing she is. Thanks for your sweet card. I love you very much!
I'll email you soon...

Lori S said...

That is a sweet story!
I've heard a lot about what Tom Davis is doing--wonderful!!