Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh dear, it happened again .... okay, here we go.

Okay, okay .... I'm it. So .... I've been "tagged" in blog land more than once and just never seem to get around to it!

Seven random and/or weird facts about me. Yikes.

1. I can't stand to hear people smack their mouths when eating. I mean it makes me almost lose my dinner!!

2. My real name is Michelle. My mom ALWAYS wanted a "Michelle" and then had me and gave me that lovely name. Then she changed it when I went to Kindergarten! In her defense she thought it might be too hard to spell (poor thing had a very long name herself both first and last). Now it would seem odd to hear her call me that. On the other hand my dad and brother only call me Michelle and it would feel really weird for them to call me anything else.

3. Four out of five of our children have been born in different states/countries.

4. I love to decorate ... our home, paper crafts ... love it all!

5. I am petrified of heights. (NO exaggeration) I feel about the same way about airplanes! It was a LONG way to and from Ethiopia!

6. I am a recovered pack-rat. Living in small spaces with lots of little ones forced me to overcome!!! Lots of moving helped too.

7. I love to curl up on my husband's lap on the recliner just as I always did with my dad growing up. The kids giggle and say we're gonna break the chair. We never have!

Since almost everyone I know has already done this game ... I'm not tagging anyone. Oh ... hey, there's a #8 ..... I'm not athletic! Like seriously athletic challenged!! Thankfully my family loves me anyway! :)


coffeemom said...

Yeah, it's about time! And as a Michele, who is also called Shelly, but only by one special guy...we are a flip of each other! Neato.

And i WILL get back to you, hopefully today on the email, it's the computer failure. Dead dead...i'm computer compromised and have to steal time on one to get back on emails or surf. Ack.

And you ARE talented should'a added that. not just crafty, crafy w/ talent! love M

Adoption Cubed said...

Great tag items! I learned some new fun things about you!

Hope you are well.

Hauswife said...

Sorry for the tag! :P

Hey, we have so much in common, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I am athletically challenged too!