Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grandma & Misc Pics

We just enjoyed a wonderful visit from my mom & Bob. It made my birthday extra special for sure! Unfortunately we were invaded by a nasty cold last week and mine went into a miserable sinus infection (still working to get over that!). But her determination to visit us surpassed the germs in our house! We are SO grateful!!! :)

Our home is a bit more busy and bustling with energy since their last visit. The excitement of visitors puts Naomi over the excitement barometer. Oh my! The girl truly had me about worn out. Neither of the girls were quite sure about sharing all the attention, which was kind of fun to watch.

Attempting to share Grandma's lap. Maleah learned to say "Gramma" just in time! :)

Our Maleah is such a different little girl than the one that came home almost six months ago. I'll post more on that later. I am just truly amazed at the transformation in her life. Her latest development is feeding herself. She comes across as this somewhat passive, mild-mannered disposition ..... UNTIL you mess with her food! She'll all about using the utensils BY HERSELF and it's serious business to her. Hard to believe just months ago she was unwilling to open her mouth for a spoon after coming home. Now she thoroughly enjoys mealtime! :)

These brown eyes just melt my heart. She absolutely LOVES toddling around the house.

After good-byes this morning, it was time to tend to hair. We washed last night, so the next morning is always a big job. I usually give Naomi's head a rest after wash day and leave it loose. Grandma and PaPa agreed the girl has BIG hair the next morning! :) Since it was a leisurely morning here, I decided to give Maleah a "do" as well. The verdict is out if it will stay. I still prefer hers loose. Naomi declared that sister was BEAUTIFUL though, so we've left it in for awhile today.

She was not sure what to think of things in her hair. :)

Maleah was happy that "snack time" was coming!


Naomi is always eager to give kisses. Poor sister wasn't sure if she was messing with her snack or comin' to give her lovin'!

These two are quite the combo, I tell ya!

Grandma wanted a pic of her and her big boys before she headed out the door. They've grown into young men for sure. We are incredibly blessed!

Thanks SO MUCH for coming guys!!! And for putting up with all our germs and blowing noses .... gross! I hope all this hacking is over soon!!! We pray that our next visit is in Illinois. :) I'll be ready for another UPWORDS match, mom!


The Albertsons said...

These pictures are melting my heart!!! SWEET Arsema is so, so beautiful (as are the rest of your "babies")!
So sad you've been sick... get well soon!

coffeemom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!!! Sorry to hear you've been sick, happy belated bday and great visit w/ mom! Good stuff. Miss seeing your posts!! But oh, those girls! SO gorgeous (yeah the boys are pretty cute too!) and great hair. I like Maleah's hair up, I think she looks adorable! Great pics (and you look pretty fantastic for a sinus infection, I must say!) MIss seeing you.....more more more! love M

Natalie Fournet said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better! I just love Maleah's hair did a great job. She is getting so big it looks like!

Anonymous said...

Precious photos!!!!

be_a_Mary said...

SUCH beautiful pics. i LOVE her big eyes and hair. i look forward to hearing more about how she has grown and changed since you brought her home!!

Rebecca said...

You are so good with the girls hair! They are CUTE!

Thanks for thinking of us as we continue to wait. It's definitely hard, but we know the timing (obviously) isn't right yet. We're hopeful that things will finally go through in December. We're ready to have our sweet boy home!

Farmboy and Buttercup said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair up. It shows off her gorgeous eyes. But I am with your about loose, so easy and so cute, too.

Moms can be such blessings, what a gift you had for a time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. They truly bless me.

renee treat said...

I love the hair! Good job mom! Hope you are doing well. Love the updates...

Hauswife said...

I tagged you!

Mike and Katie said...

Maleah is so cute! I love those little pig tails all over.

I know what you mean about after bath morning. Yikes! I just started being able to get Amanda's hair back into pig tails. It makes her look so grown up.

I came over here from your comment on Shawnda's blog. I wondered where you were and presumed some place cold like us.

We used to live in Oakes, ND, but now we're back in MN.