Monday, February 4, 2008

Hidden Blessings

I have to say .... we began this "blog thing" to have a place for family/friends (since so many are SO far away from us!) to be able to keep up-to-date on the adoption journey. Well, what I didn't realize would happen is that God would bring special people into our lives that are walking their own journey of adoption! People like Becca. Now Becca didn't know I really do not care to play "tag" again .... where you get to tell all sorts of things about yourself. I'd rather crawl under a table. :) But I will try to be a good sport and play along. My family would be laughing ... I don't "do" sports! Thankfully this game does not involve running!

8 things I'm passionate about:
My family ... let's see Hubby, 3 amazing boys, 2 special unexpected daughters ... see I'm up to 6 already!
The life-sustaining truth of God's word

8 things I want to do before I die:
Do my best to raise up some amazing kiddos!
Live my days with a focus on eternity.
Tackle a couple of writing projects that I'm afraid to start.
See my children all walking with the Lord.
Run a little coffee-house with my husband.
Pursue my interest in photography.
Get to enjoy my beautiful multi-ethnic family consisting of many grandchildren!
Go somewhere alone with my husband (like for longer than a 24 hr. period of time!), who is my closest friend. :)

8 things I say often:
No more M&M's Naomi. (yes, she's an addict)
Stay on task!
Have you done your jobs?
I love you more than ...
Okay - I quit ... I know I talk plenty!, maybe I should be more aware of what I say! Ha. :)

8 shows I've recently watched:
Hhmmm ... don't watch many shows ... too busy making cards and other things for our project! :) When I'm not doing that .. here are a few things I like to do:
Spend time with my husband (especially when it's all quiet after the kids go to bed).
Drink coffee in one of my favorite mugs with just the right amount of creamer.
Have friends over.
Hear from a long-distance friend.
Play games with my kids.
Get visits from family.

8 artists I never tire of listening to:
No one specific ... sorry, I'm kinda boring. I love music though!

8 things that attract me to my friends:
Seeing them seek after God.
Shared interests.
Their desire to grow.

8 things I learned in 2007
That God would lead us to bring home a child from Ethiopia.
That my husband truly loves me in sickness and in health (ishy health stuff in 2007!!)
That God would truly meet all of our needs.
God knows our heart, even when the world may not.
That being in my 30's is really a great thing!
That marriage can just keep getting sweeter.
That my boys are half-grown!, I better enjoy them!!
That my view of what's important has changed a great deal.

Okay, sorry for boring you. Now what happens next is you torment someone else with this job. I will give Kimberly the joy ... another special waiting mom whom I appreciate so much. And sorry for complaining Becca ... I'm a tish cranky waiting for that call! :)


the albertsons said...

YAY Shelly! Good job! At least you had something to blog about. Loved reading more about you :). And yes, you can be cranky waiting for that call. That's within your right as an adoptive mother :).