Friday, February 8, 2008

A Special Night!

What a special night we enjoyed at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert. We have really appreciated what he and his wife Mary Beth are doing with the Shaohannah's Hope ministry. So, to get to say thank-you in person, was a special privilege. The journey of adoption can sometimes be a lonely one. Not always will others understand what God is doing in your life. How neat it was to see SCC's two sons with him in concert and see a glimpse of what God is doing in their lives.

We enjoyed a wonderful evening full of worship and "pink lights"! Naomi would squeal with delight every time the lights flashed pink! She was not so sure of being on stage when it was time for that. It is our prayer that others got to catch a glimpse of what it looks like to step out in faith, trusting God to do what we might see as impossible. It's so not about "us" and so all about HIM.

If you're familiar with the Show Hope project then you know that at each concert they pass buckets around and collect change, which when all put together makes a tremendous difference to "Show Hope" to orphans. We were blessed with being a recipient of that last night. We have seen time and time again how when people work together, so much can be accomplished. What a joy it is to know we're one step closer to meeting the needs of this adoption. We can hardly wait to meet the special little one that this has all been about.

What a journey this has been. When we stepped out and answered God's call to adopt again, we honestly had no idea how we'd get there! (humanly speaking) All that we could see where mountains and obstacles. Adoption is a daunting task. The paperwork alone could wear a person out. But throughout this whole process God has continually reminded us of the "why" and "who" this is about. He's taught us great truths about His heart and what He sees as important. He's poured into us strength when we were tired and weary. Last night was another wonderful example of His faithfulness, as He ministered to us through songs and helped us to know once again that we are not alone. We are just so grateful to so many people who have joined us on this journey and has helped to make a difference in the life of one more child.


the albertsons said...

amazing! thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I'm SO GLAD that things went well and that you received more gifts. Praise God! You all look great, too :).

Jim and Debbie said...

How exciting and wonderful for you all! I check your blog daily, anticipating reading the good news that your referral has been made. Hang in there. God's perfect timing is worth the wait, as I'm sure you already know.

Christine said...

That is one amazing story! God always provides!

Kimberly Baggett said...

I am so glad y'all received the grant and had a wonderful time at the concert! The Lord is our great Provider! Still praying for you!

the albertsons said...

Seriously? No news today? I need someone to get some news. If it's not gonna be us, then I want it to be YOU!!!
Hope you're well today :).

Mrs. U said...

Hi there!!
I just found your blog. I am SO happy for your family!! And what a huge blessing this was to receive this!!!!

My husband and I are getting ready to adopt our second child. My heart is so sure that we are to go to Ethiopia, but the whole money issue scares him to death. Sigh. I know that God will provide.

Thank you for sharing your blog!

Mrs. U