Friday, July 13, 2007

Busy Week of Blessings!

LOTS to fill you in on! First of all I want to share a blessing concerning our oldest son. He just got a new job! He has prayed a long time about his future and that he'd know what job he was to do in preparation for that. Well .... it all came full circle last week. He is now working for a wonderful man learning to do custom fencing. When they aren't fencing, he'll be helping him in other ways such as roofing, and other miscellaneous farm work. Colton could NOT be happier. If all goes well for both of them, this will turn into a long-term arrangement. His new boss is a great guy ..... very devoted to his family, shares many of the same values in life, etc. Colton is thoroughly enjoying his time with Mr. Troy. David is also getting to work some, which is a huge blessing as he's without his second job right now til school starts back up. Colton's first goal is to raise his part of his plane ticket to travel to Ethiopia with us. We are SO grateful that he'll be going with us to see a land and people that have been on his heart for a very long time. Will write more on that at another time.

We were blessed to attend a special adoption event hosted by our local Family Christian Bookstore on Tuesday! They wanted to meet some area families who have adopted and celebrate the lives of the children represented because of the James Fund project they do. It was such a meaningful morning! Naomi was crazy about a little girl that was born in Vietnam who was just learning to walk. Our social worker was helping with the event and any time that we get with her is always a treat!

Then I came home to the new shipment of stamps and accessories!! I had just about a day to get things ready for my open house. The open house went wonderful yesterday. I got to spend time visiting with various customers who have become dear friends. It was such a leisurely day and couldn't have been better.

We are leaving on a trip the very end of July .. so for the next two weeks, you know where I'll be ... seeing just how much can be accomplished til we must pack up.

Wednesday we got our CIS fingerprints done. That all went well with one "funny". The gentleman was having trouble getting my prints to turn out ... he said ... "What kind of work do you do mam?". I wasn't sure how to "take" his question. Turns out he asked if I wash my hands a lot ..... uh, YEAH!, I'm always washing/cleaning/stamping/washing/cleaning on and on it goes as a mom of a busy household. Too funny!! I hope they pass through okay.

Our homestudy has been proofed by our placing agency now and as soon as we have our TB tests done this next week that part will be completed!! We want everything done on our part before we leave on our trip on the 29th ... YIKES!, that isn't far off! The next time we pack after that should be to Ethiopia. We cannot wait!

We so appreciate all of your prayers and support through this journey. We never could do this alone.