Monday, July 2, 2007

The Great Mail Frustration!

So, we couldn't figure out where on earth our paperwork to Gladney had gone! This would be the big batch of paperwork they are waiting for to process our adoption. While they were looking for it .... today's mail came ..... wahlaaaaa! .... RETURNED, for NO reason. Address correct, checked it 3 x's! So ... it's back in the mail and hopefully this time Mr. Postman will deliver it. What might not seem like a big deal to some .... this was a big discouragement to us. So much had already had to go in place to get to this point. Now it's been running around in the postal system and because of the holiday week, will not get there quickly. UGH.

While we wait for all this, we are working hard on our dossier paperwork. I am also cleaning out stamping supplies and organizing and getting ready for my upcoming Open House.

Would appreciate your prayers for the paperwork to arrive to it's proper destination this time. Thanks!


Miranda said...

Will be praying for that package my dear friends! How are you doing otherwise? You guys sound busy busy! Sending you blessings and prayers!
The Martin Fam