Saturday, July 28, 2007

Checkin' Out!

We are checkin' out of here for a few days. Some family of some dear friends of ours have opened their home to us in Tennessee. It's been a long, long while since we've ventured off on a vacation, other than visiting grandparents. Our kids can hardly wait to see the mountains! It should be a very wonderful and relaxing time since we'll not be all smooshed into a hotel room for a week. :) On the way, we'll be making some stops. There is a wonderful hotel chain that gives a complimentary room to ministry families. We get to go to TWO of them on the way and better yet they are only 3 hours apart ... which translates into leisurely travel and clearance shopping that day!! ... and much swimming time for the kiddos.

We just received our "Gladney Approval" which means we're one step closer on our adoption journey. We are still waiting for FBI clearance, CIS approval and passports to arrive. And ... when we get back we have to get a pile of paperwork re-notarized and sent off with the final documents we are waiting on. You can pray that all of our paperwork will arrive by the time we return ... that'd be awesome!!

We are looking forward to a break from the fund-raising and just enjoying our kiddos and making some wonderful memories together. Be watching for some beautiful photographs along our way. Camera card is empty, so I'm good to go for a few hundred! :)