Thursday, July 5, 2007

We wanted to include a link to this article by Owlhaven on poverty around the world. We encourage you to read it. This author has been a huge source of information and encouragement to us as we prepare to travel to Ethiopia to bring home our child. I believe that as Americans we are so blinded to what poverty really is. We often fear learning, because that won't make us feel good inside. As we assessed our family's resources entering into this next adoption ... we realize that by the American culture's standards, we may not have a lot of luxuries. But as we think about the child God is bringing into our family and their culture and homeland .... we have so much to give. I'm not talking merely monetary things. You see, for the most part, as Americans we are so rich and spoiled that it's like our own disease. Always going, always buying .... we are left ignorant of what really matters in this life. It's not just money that will change the shocking realities of poverty. There are children that need a home, yes they need healthy meals and medical care ... but they need something even greater ... they need the love of a FAMILY. They need to know they belong. Many of them have lost their parents due to illness and disease ... parents that they deeply loved. Because of lack of medical care ... another thing we take so for granted here in the US ... they are left with no family.

Our children wait expectantly to meet their new sibling. They long to give them all they have to offer. Someone to read a story, learn to throw a ball ... a strong shoulder to cry on when they realize this world is not perfect and there is a part of them that misses their homeland greatly. Our family is not perfect ... we have our share of imperfections as anyone does. We can not do nearly as much as we desire to make an impact on the lives on the orphaned ..... but we must do what we can do ... and for right now, that is bringing home another child and sharing everything we have with them. We firmly believe that every child, no matter where they are born ... deserves the love and stability of a family. We long to see our child's face, to hold them and whisper to them that everything is gonna be alright.

We encourage you to read the article above. Just click on the word poverty and it will take you there.