Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paperwork Woes

Bad news is we found out that all the paperwork we had notarized at our bank now has to be redone. Good news is we have a day to do it before we leave for TN. Just felt like a hard bump in the road today. We are grateful for an amazing team in our adoption agency and the person helping us getting everything authenticated. As I was at the bank the other day I said to the lady ... "the paperwork we went through to buy our house was nothing in comparison to this"!!! Something that Eugene Allison, the founder of the Abba Fund said to me just keeps coming back as a constant reminder and encouragement ..... "These children have worth and they are WORTH working hard for!!". That is so true. Whether it is fund-raising, or going back to redo a big pile of paperwork .... it is nothing in comparison to the needs of the child God is bringing into our family. What joy it will be to experience that glorious day .... when we get to see this little person face-to-face.

The notarizing along with a few other paperwork glitches are in the process of being fixed. We'd appreciate your prayers as we work through these obstacles.