Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gladney Older Baby Care Center

"This is the Gladney Older Baby Care Center that Arsema was in. This is one of her main caregivers who was closest to her. She ran out to see us before we left ... That is before Travis tried to shoo her away. He tries to keep the "meeting day" just for the parents so they can bond with the children, but I was so glad she ran out because it felt perfect to see her on this memorable day. We hugged and hugged and she was so happy to see Arsema with her momma and daddy, but will miss her so much. We will go back to visit her again .... I promised her as Travis moved her on. :) This is one of the caregivers I'd made that picture book for.

We will forever be grateful to the caregivers for all they have done to help our precious girl thrive and grow. We will never forget. Their memory will always be honored."


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Roberts family! I have been brought to tears as I read your blog and follow your journey. What a blessing to others that you have chosen to share your experience with the world. Sending much love and prayers... will call soon!
love, Colleen