Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's a Whole New World Baby!!

Note:  Just editing to add the crawling pics we couldn't send before.

We got home from supper tonight and since Arsema is getting a bit more comfortable in her surroundings, I thought maybe some playing on the floor time was in order. We put some toys out and she would crawl like 3 "steps" and then pivot back to sitting and turn and do this over and over again. Then she's stop and play with the texture of the rug. You could just see her mind working. I began to wonder when it would occur to her there are NO limits! .... That she could crawl much further. She would go just a bit further and then it's like a big light bulb came on and the whole new world opened up. She began huffing and puffing SO excitedly and just cracking up laughing crawling back and forth, round and round. She could not believe what she was doing. Each direction going a bit further. It was hysterical. Colton caught it on video.

I've really been struggling with tomorrow approaching, going to see the government run orphanages. I know that it will tear at my heart, especially seeing where Arsema was for those long nine months when she was ill. As I put my newly hyper girl to bed tonight, the tears just came as I felt God's abundant grace on her life. It was as if He was saying to me ..... "Hello!, I'm right here .... Look at this child ... Look what I have done in her life. Isn't it beautiful?".

It's been such an intense week. While my heart is so heavy for the needs of these children ... To have a home and a place to experience the natural milestones in life, such as crawling ..... I am also encouraged tonight as I see this precious child continue to grow and thrive.

Perhaps in the morning, the sadness won't last as long for her and the laughter will come a bit easier. Each day seems like another step in the right direction.


coffeemom said...

LOVED THIS POST!!!! Loved it. The crawling and discovering NO boundaries. man, thanks for posting this one. Cracks me up and makes my heart ache for my boy, who is still in his crib. but soon, soon, no longer. Can't wait for you to get home too and see the posts from home! Fly safely!

ashley said...

I am sooo happy for you guys!!! Arsema is gorgeous!

the albertsons said...

I'm LOVING every second of every post. love you all!!!!

Renee said...

Reading your post makes me miss Addis! Your little girl is so beautiful. Please give our love to Belay, Joanna and Travis!

Natalie Fournet said...

Loved your post and your insights! Your daughter is sooo beautiful!!!!

Melissa said...

I finally had a chance to get caught up on all your postings. (Tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks) I can't wait for you to return, so I can hear all about it...and meet this beautiful little girl. Just think of all the things your "girls" are going to get into, exploring the world together....what fun!

Thinking of you!