Friday, May 23, 2008

Milestones and Making Memories

Today our wee-one is fifteen months old. Maybe I should add she doesn't feel too "wee" as I cart her around! Ha. Thanks so much to everyone who's been checking on us and praying for her health. She has finally turned the corner and is doing MUCH better! Decided I best get the girl outside for some photos to mark this special day. You can see how we started out ... yep, she wasn't too thrilled with my idea to sit on a strange chair. She is SO cautious. But thankfully with the help of her brothers coaxing some action out of her, she started showing us her other various expressions.

She got her giggle back today too and that was a welcomed sound after feeling so rotten for a week.

Today was also very special as I received another letter from my far-away-son. I am overwhelmed with this incredible opportunity to love and mentor someone so amazing. I am searching for more pictures of Getahun. So any of you families that have traveled to Kolfe .... could I ask a huge favor for you to search for pics of him! They can be group shots as well. I want to put together a picture book for him to send. I'd be so grateful for anything you find.  You can scroll down to see a recent post about him that has his photo.


Melissa said...

Very must not have had the 40mph wind like we did today. The pictures turned out so cute, yellow is her color!!! I miss you guys also, hope to see you soon!

Take Care,

The Albertsons said...

Did you do three blog posts in one day?? Very impressive :). Arsema is so beautiful. Give her a hug from us!!!

Michael and Michelle said...

Your daughter is beautiful!!
How are things going??

I love seeing your updates.